In the words of it's creator Ahmras:

Welcome, and take a seat. Allow me to explain to you what the Road of Supremacy is all about. RtS as it will be called throughout the post, will be an ongoing Server plot that was born on the fateful day when Ahmras of the Vanguard met with the representatives of the Iron Ring in Brill.

RtS is open to everyone that wishes to join in at any point. This thread is to depict events that takes place in-game and to tell the story from the character´s involved point of view. Anyone who wants to join in feel free to add their own character to the mix as long as it is done in a manner that is respectful to the ongoing plotline(s). Feel free to contact either of Ahmras, Mestopheles or Tremayne in game if you wish to have additional information or want to join in but can´t find out a reasonable way for your character to do so.

Members of the Alliance is welcome as well, -the plotline will soon involve acts of hostility that might incite Alliance members to act accordingly.

Also, I’m happy to inform that after the meeting described above, a form of awesome random RP took place. Ahmras had received a Letter.

Upon opening the letter, I realized that it was actually a Blackmail by someone that overheard the conversation and is highly interested in the item. Eventually, he brought in two members of the Crimson Hand. Things are turning quite interesting indeed!

The forum thread can be found here:

The Following is a saved and orderd version of a Moonglade plotline. Thos I am not the sole wrighter here and will there for give all whom taken part in this story there do credit. It will be parted in chapters and parts. At the end of every part I'll stat whom the wrighter of that part was.


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