Guild Name: Dragonicá
Leader: Yeziri Sharevén
Officers: Tucker Harris, Kiia Shariádune
Members: Elawyen Morninglight, Ríothiël Gestardä, Timalis, Vazel Firetorch

Dragonicá was formed to be a friendly guild for those who enjoy to travel and explore the world of Azeroth and beyond. We are aiming at becoming a well respected role playing guild, which means we trust our members to follow those rules set by Blizzard for role playing realms, and to follow our own rules with no exceptions.

To create and withhold a friendly atmosphere we believe that helping our fellow members will be a vital point. We do not demand compensation for helping our guild friends in whatever way we can. We also expect our members to do what they can to make the guild feel alive and working by coming and participate on our planed events and meetings.

The InCharacter goal is to build a libary in Darnassus, by gathering books and papers from all around Azeroth, and now Outlands as well. Also, we try to encourage our members to contribute to the libary with their own works, everything from news magazines, to scientific thesises, to fictional novels.

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