Inell Galahand
Guild Regiment of Theramore
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Faction Alliance

Inell Galahand is a young mage of Theramore Isle. She is the daughter of Tristam Galahand, and was the only child in his care for many years after the migration to Kalimdor. She was the student of Jaina Proudmoore, becoming a mage. During the War of Theramore, mages from Jaina's Tower in Theramore were enlisted to the regiment, and Inell was appointed their Lieutenant as head of the arcanist division. She is the sister of Melkorius and Valifar.


Name: Inell Galahand
Birthplace: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
Home: Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
Family: -


Inell was born in Lakeshire, the daughter of Tristam and Anthea Galahand. She travelled with her family to Kalimdor with Jaina Proudmoore when she was still a child. In Theramore, her father was appointed Highlord of Theramore, and because of this she was pushed by her father to excel in her studies, achieve nobility and serve the light. He also had her become the student of Jaina Proudmoore and study arcane magic. Whilst many would be thankful for such an oppurtunity, Inell has often rebelled against her father.

After Tristam's death, Inell abandoned her studies in Theramore, leaving for Stormwind City which she had admired much in her youth. A week later she recieved word of Galardell's disappearance from the Northshire Abbey, and she disappeared shortly after, presumably in search of the sword.

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