Lem is a well known personality on the KT server. He is a strange little gnome that claims to be the soul prophet of a strange diety called the "Gnome Mother." He is most likely insane, but has yet to cause any harm to anybody.

Lem claims that the so called "Gnome Mother" granted him insight into the truere of religion, namely a trans-planar force called Love. Now Lem spreads the gospel of universal Love and happiness to everyone he meets. He often sceen preaching his message in public places, calling people of all races to love eachother and to try and get along.

Lem claims that it is the true nature of every living thing to want to be loved and to love others in return. It is when "Meanie baddies try to bash ya and take your stuff!" that things go wrong. Of only everyone loved eachother then the problems of the world would be solved.

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