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Melkorius Galahand

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Melkorius Galahand
Melkorius Galahand image
Guild Order of the Sword
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight
Faction Scourge

Melkorius Galahand is the son of Tristam Galahand, brother of Inell and Valifar, lover of Elosai Sorel. He was a Death Knight, but was relieved of the Lich King's control by High Priestess Elosai Sorel. But his allegiance to the Lich King returned a year later, and with Elosai gone he now serves again as a Death Knight.


Name: Melkorius Galahand
Birthplace: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains
Home: Northrend
Family: -


Melkorius was just six years old on the date his family travelled to Menethil Harbor, where they were to catch the ship to Kalimdor with Jaina and her men. Their party was attacked by Orcs on the road through Wetlands, and they captured Melkorius, dragging him off into the mountains. Tristam, his father, went to go after him, but his party stated that if he was to leave them, he would be leaving everyone defenseless. He continued to Menethil, leaving his son behind.

Melkorius was raised as a warrior among the orcs, every day his hate for his father growing. Years later, he appeared in Theramore disguised as a Stormwind knight, and attacked his father. Melkorius drew his sword and tried to kill the his father, only to lose his life shortly after, by Tristam plunging his sword Galardell into Melkorius' chest in self-defence.

A couple of weeks later, with everything in Theramore at it's best, news reached the Citadel of an approaching Death Knight. Moments later, Melkorius, clad in saronite plate with a runeblade in hand strode into the Citadel. Managing to seize Galardell from Tristam's grasp, Melkorius used it to successfully stab Tristam in the shoulder. Now with Galardell in hand, he unofficially took position as Highlord of Theramore.

Lady Jaina resued Tristam a few hours later, and brough him to her tower for healing, before enshrouding her tower in a violet dome, alike the one that, at the time, covered Dalaran. Many of Theramore's citizens fled to Stormwind, along with the bulk of the regiment. There, Theramore's Admiral, Kyelv Sorel, sought out Valifar Galahand, Melkorius' brother - a Knight of the Order of the Sword. Upon finding him, many men of Theramore found hope again, and most returned to the city with Valifar, who they believed could kill Melkorius and save Theramore. Upon return in Theramore, they were all astomished at what they saw. Ghouls, Abominations, Necromancers and corpses roamed the ruined streets. Towers had collapsed. Walls were entwined with black ivy. The fog was thick. And it had the smell of Lordaeron - a stench of undeath.

As soon as reinforcements from Stormwind came a week later, they fell in line and led a full siege on the city. Hearing the men's battle crys, Jaina noticed the conflict on her streets, and unshrouded her dome, spilling out her mages to aid them in battle. Tristam, though still weak and injured, armoured himself and took up an old broasword, fleeing to the docks to rally with Admiral Sorel, avoiding conflict. With their Highlord fighting among them again, Theramore's forces fought their way through the city. Jaina, Tristam and Kyelv led a small force into the Citadel to confront Melkorius. After a short conflict, Tristam managed to drive his sword through Melkorius' plate and through his chest. He fell to the ground, shocked, but his body was summoned away in a dark flash of shadow after, taking Kyelv Sorel with him.

When Melkorius fell, he cursed Admiral Kyelv, causing him to forget his Admiralty, and to think he is a knight of the Argent Dawn in Lordaeron. Melkorius' body lay dying in the plaguelands, in need of healing. He whispered to Kyelv, telling him he is a knight who fell after a battle, in need of aid. Kyelv, thinking it an action of the light, set off with a priest to Melkorius' location and brought him back to health. Melkorius awoke hours later and killed the priest, leaving Kyelv alive, and rode off on his deathcharger. Kyelv then remembered everything and was broke free of the curse.

Melkorius returned to Theramore, backed up with an army of thousands. A battle broke out, but as Melkorius was overwhelmed in battle, his forces lost confidence and fled from him, leaving him to die there. Instead, Tristam successfully knocked him out, took back Galardell and brought him into the Citadel.

When Melkorius awoke, a young girl named Elosai, Kyelv's sister and High Priestess of the Order of the Sword, stood infront of him. She tried to cure him with her blessed powers in the light. Giving up after an hour, Melkorius laughed and broke free, and walked onto the ruined battlements of the city. The priestess followed him, and pulled him back as he tried to throw himself off the battlements to his death. He refused to accept this as an act of emotion, which Death Knights do not feel. But then he cried, and could do nothing but accept that he had been cured. Falling in love with the priestess, the next day, they both disappeared from Theramore. Weeks later, with no sign of Melkorius or any scourge within the city, Tristam marked the end of the War of Theramore.

They had disappeared to Hillsbrad, where they raised a son, as simple citizens of the town. They lived like this for a while, until the town came under siege by the Syndicate. Their son and Elosai stood tall as bandits slit their throats.

Melkorius had fought long into the night, searching for his wife and son; but to no avail. He killed every last bandit that sieged the town and was last seen by a cowering family in the town, riding off on his steed, never to be seen again.

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