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Royfoodle Trinklefizz
Guild Kaboom!
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Faction Alliance

Introduction to Royfoodle Trinklefizz

General Information

  • Age: 30
  • Likes: Exploring, Fighting, Knives and Daggers
  • Dislikes: Magick users, The Forsaken


Royfoodle is a cheery gnome who likes good fun. Good fun in his reasoning would be two things: A fight or women, possibly both at the same time.

He likes to title himself: The Legendary Vagabond and Heartbreaker, although there are no official records in existance. Roy was previously seen seducing gnomettes, dwarf females and even a couple of human women. All the above makes him an usual target of jokes by his friend Zunzer the mage.

Roy is very fond of daggers, this earned him a nickname 'Daggers' in some places.


Story 1

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Story 2

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