Scalesa the Seeker
Scalesa the Seeker
Vital statistics
Title "Treasure Hunter"
Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Faction Alliance
Class Mage
Profession Mercenary, "Treasure Hunter"
Status Alive
Location Azeroth

"Look, they're probably not going to miss what we take! They're dead!" - Scalesa, justifying her occupation

General Information

Scalesa is a Half-Elven sorceress and adventurer who serves the Alliance as a collector of treasures and enlisted soldier, but is ultimately only interested in herself and her own interests.

Physical Description

At first glance, one might mistake Scalesa for a short, slender Human woman or perhaps a stocky High Elf, but the slight points to her ears betray her Half-Elven blood. Her build suggests a fair amount of physical activity - more than one would expect of a practicioner of the arcane arts, at any rate. Her bone white hair is worn up, and frames a face set with violet eyes. While her expression is usually one of disinterest, every so often an uneasy smile will cross her face.


Early History

"I'm a 'product of my environment', now tell me your excuse for being so judgemental and uppity." -Scalesa, to a Paladin

Scalesa was born a few decades before the Dark Portal opened, the daughter of a High Elf from Dalaran and a Human. Like many Half-Elven children at the time, Scalesa's parents decided to wash their hands of her - or in her case sell her at birth to a slaver... After all, her father was married, and her mother simply didn't want to be bothered with what she considered a lower life form. A local seamstress intervened in matters, saving the child from a cursed existence.

While the seamstress and her apprentices did the best that they could in raising her, Scalesa was "more than a handful", and before she was fifteen had a reputation for being vexing. She was also opportunistic and self-interested, which led to her foster mother making arrangements with a Dalaranian friend of hers to take her under his wing as an apprentice in the arcane arts. "I don't see the harm in it," she said to him, "She's got the perfect personality for being an adventurer, and seems to really look up to you.". The mage, a Human by the name of Rultrabo, obliged.

After her education was complete, Scalesa took to collecting bounties and running messages for a living.

Violet Falls

"I always did find Kel'Thuzad strange and off-putting, glad he's finally found his place in the world!" -Scalesa, to a Cult of the Damned recruiter

By the time of the outbreak of the Third War, Scalesa had returned to Dalaran to learn "just a bit more" about the more martial magics, but soon found herself charged with defending the vaults beneath the city from the undead. She abandoned her post when she heard a crash from above, and several more following it. Upon reaching the surface, she saw that the Violet Citadel had fallen, and the rest of Dalaran was doing much the same. Without another thought, Scalesa fled the city as far and as fast as her legs would take her, stopping only when she collapsed from exhaustion. She spent the weeks following her flight from Dalaran brooding over her decision in one of the taverns in Southshore, and only after a friendly word of advice from an elderly Human - a Magi of Dalaran who also fled - did she decide to do something with her life other than dwell. The next week saw her cross the Thandol Span and make her way to Menethil Harbor, where she gained passage aboard a merchant ship bound for Theramore Isle.

A Brave New World

"When I say 'Don't shoot the messenger, I'm not joking!'. Stop. Shooting!" -Scalesa, reprimanding a drunken guard

Scalesa began to adventure anew, with the next four years taking her all over Kalimdor and the Great Sea, and into the ruins scattered about. Her tomb raiding was as much out of academic interest as it was out of a desire to make money. She also made coin delivering the odd message between the Alliance and Horde, and even the goblins on Kezan. She used the money she had earned adventuring to buy a house in Steamwheedle Port, which she used to store what she had looted and considered worth keeping. At least, until someone was interested in buying it, and it wouldn't hurt her too much to part with it.

Spiders and Dragons and New Violets

"No, really, I have as much maternal instinct as my mother. I'm not raising it." -Scalesa, to Serigosa, Blue Dragon

When the Alliance and Horde launched an expedition to Northrend to bring an end to the Lich King's reign of terror, Scalesa jumped onto a boat headed in that direction...and spent most of her time in the frozen continent taking whatever wasn't bolted down in Azjol-Nerub, the Storm Peaks, and other ruins, and selling it in Dalaran to whoever was interested. During one expedition, she met an elf, who soon (and foolishly in Scalesa's eyes) revealed herself to be a Blue Dragon in disguise. Scalesa decided to leave Northrend and return to Kalimdor after she got as many treasures as she was satisfied with, and during a trip to sell one of her ill-gains in Everlook, found an egg that belonged to a Blue Dragon. When this egg was shown to her draconic friend, it was suggested that she raise it in its deceased mother's stead. While at first Scalesa objected to this, citing her dislike of children and lack of a maternal instinct, she eventually decided to keep the young whelp that hatched, in the hopes that she and her Goblin friends could make a mount out of it.

It was only natural that she kept her intentions a secret from her friend, of course; it's never a good idea to tell as mighty a Dragon as her friend that you meant to throw a saddle on its younger cousin and ride it across the skies! The young Dragon was named 'Incantagos'.

A Friend in Need

"Ugh, don't you remember when you woke up and I was cutting a lock of your hair to set into my wand?" -Scalesa, to Rafaias

As the Alliance and Horde returned from Northrend triumphant, Scalesa contemplated her next course of action. What she did not expect, was that action would come her way. A friend that she had made during her travels around Kalimdor came to her home one day bearing a strange orb the two could only assume was a scrying device. With the help of their draconic ally, the two discovered that the orb belonged to an orcish warlock on an island near Tel'Abim, much like the friend's account suggested. They also discovered, through similar means, that Scalesa's old lover Rafaias was trapped on that island, petrified, along with a handful of others.

Through means magical and mundane, the three retrieved Rafaias' body, and worked night and day trying to return him to the world of flesh. When at last they succeeded, Scalesa first filled him in on what had transpired in the world since his imprisonment, and then suggested that he report to the Alliance forces in Feralas.

Broken Home, Rebuilt Person

"I found out a lot about my family, looking through those archives..." -Scalesa, on a ledger she "found" in Azsuna

After the Shattering destroyed Steamwheedle Port, and with it her home, Scalesa sold what was left of her finds to what contacts she knew survived, and clashed with the forces of the Twilight's Hammer Clan a number of times in Deepholm. When the dire threat to Azeroth was averted, Scalesa was approached by the Explorer's League...and behind them the Alliance, who took an interest in her work and wanted to pay her to guard digsites that they were excavating. After careful negotiations, she agreed to assist and guard in digs from Pandaria, to an alternate Draenor, to the Broken Isles.

Standing as One

"The past isn't going anywhere." -Scalesa, responding to the inquiries of an astonished adventurer

Scalesa was one of the heroes called to help reclaim Lordaeron's Capital City, and aided in distracting and slaying the defenders of Brill. Her assistance in the siege itself consisted of "battering the Horde with much arcane energy", and when she had the chance, "swatting at skulls undead and living alike" with her staff. While she survived the horrors of the battle and ushered her fellow conscripts to safety, her staff broke shortly after the fray, no doubt undone by too much blunt trauma.


"Well, gee, I wouldn't know anything about that! Remember? I grew up around Humans. All I know about is kittens and embroidery!" -Exchanging barbs with a Blood Elf

"I named him Incantagos. See, I took your advice and gave him a magicky-sounding name that ended in '-gos'. I was going to name him 'Cantripagos', because he liked watching me use this cantrip I use to clean myself, but I figured that'd be a little underwhelming once he got old like you. 'Incantagos' sounds much more intimidating, don't you think?" -On naming her "son"

"What got me through being picked on when I was little, was the fact that all the kids who did it would start to look old a lot sooner than I did.'" -Explaining how she coped with being picked on

"Heh, look at her, she thinks she's on fire! ...she'll wake up. She might be a little spooked or even traumatised, but I get a clean conscience, we get her key, and you and I are both happy!" -Scalesa, justifying what amounts to psychological torture to a disgusted fellow adventurer

"Killing the poor thing would be more merciful, at that point..." -A disgusted fellow adventurer's reaction to the above quote

Other Information

This character is played on the United States Sisters of Elune server.

For purposes of roleplaying, consider Scalesa's combat magics to be illusions that affect the senses of their targets when in battle against most Humanoid foes - she prefers not to kill, if she can help it.

For purposes of roleplaying, consider Scalesa the Seeker to be Chaotic Neutral in alignment, with Chaotic Evil tendencies.