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Comments0 Share eyes closed, my essence communing with the water as lied in the glade's pool.. sweet dreams lazily jogging in my mind, while I smelled the power of Nature...

...then the vivid trees exploded in thousands glass leaves, cutting deep in my skin, drinking my blood like a rain of frenzied hornets. The ground melted and gaped at me with nightmarish lips, as I fell toward the sky, once clear and quiet, now raped by violet halos.. from the horizon ominous veins sprang, visible just under the skin of heavens, pulsating with a viscous dark fluid.. the once friendly water sneered in my ears with hundred voices vibrating around me like a cage of dust, forcing me to look up, whatever that meant at that point.. before the very eyes of my soul the sky parted to reveal a twisting, unnerving, uncomprehensible nothing... dragons' roars echoed through the air, hitting my deafened ears, thunders struck like gods hammering their way against this world's anvil. The very fabric of my being was torn apart...I did see myself splintered..and I cried as every piece of me tried to collect the others, in vane...

..the moment it shattered...the moment I shattered...I cannot burnt it into my spirit and no hell can ever be hotter...

My power, my understanding, my wisdom...devoured...sucked in the nothingness above, below, everywhere around me... ..I saw Nordrassil dry and rot, titanic worms eat its trunk..I could only stare with thousand maddened flames erupted from its roots and in a bright surge its life power exploded...the surge dispersed all the tiny splinters I'd become, making me dust..and then everything faded away in a whirl of pain...

That was when the other voice came..every word vibrated as an ocean wave...every one brought me through ashes of existences up, out of that maddened ocean of nothingness... The last word was one of truth and power, Elune itself sounded inside it.. Then I recognized that was Malfurion' brought me back from nothingness..

I won't forget..I won't forgive...I won't let him fall through the shadows..

Memories of Noelon, after the awakening from the Emerald Dream

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