Soleindria Felstar
Full Name Soleindria Firestar
Alias Soleindria Felstar
Race Blood elf
Age Adult
Faction Horde
Class Warlock
Profession Servant of the Burning Legion
Affiliation Silvermoon City, The Shadow Council, Burning Legion
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Soleindria Felstar is a blood elf warlock, and servant of the Burning Legion.

General Information


The most notable element of Soleindria's appearance are two horns jutting from her forehead. Her eyes glow with a green fire that appears more intense than on other blood elves. She is usually dressed in a well-fitting garb that is emblazoned with Legion emblems.

He hair is black, her skin fair. Well manicured nails and eyebrows would seem to indicate that she spends some time on her appearance.


Under Construction


Soleindria was born to the House of Daystrider, a respected family of mages, and would continue on her family’s legacy to be a powerful mage in her own right. She spent the better part of her early life in Quel’thalas, studying with the magi of Silvermoon and in the company of the Magisters. During the Second War she was sent to Dalaran to study with the Kirin Tor, and eventually left the order after the fall of Quel’thalas in the Third War.

While in Dalaran she had stumbled upon several ancient tomes hidden away in a restricted area of one of the libraries. These tomes contained the secrets of dark magic long since banned, as well as some tomes taken from orcish warlocks during the war. Upon returning to Silvermoon, Soleindria kept searching for similar tomes and began delving more and more into dark magic.

Search for Power

As Soleindria exposed herself to long forgotten magic, she began to year for more. This would begin a long journey as she sought out the darkest corners of the world, searching for a key to the dark power of the Legion.

Year in Desolace

In her search for power, Soleindria embarked on a yearlong expedition to Desolace, Kalimdor. The fel-scarred land proved to be a valuable experience, and in her time there she made many friends and enemies.

It was during this time that she would begin to receive the first whisperings of a dreadlord. Dreams in the night that would usher her on to new lands, some creature was watching her from the shadows, trying to guide her to her goals.

Familiar of Hallow’s End

In the autumn of the 34th year of the king, the Forsaken holiday of Hallow’s End was in full swing. Wickermen were burning, stink bombs being tossed and the Headless Horseman had returned as he always did to wreak havoc on the citizenry of Azeroth. Soleindria refused to take part of the festivities as she always had, feeling her time was better spent elsewhere. On the third day of the two-week long holiday, Soleindria was leaving the Undercity. While walking through the festivities, Soleindria was approached by a talking black cat. The cat revealed several secrets about Hallow’s End that Soleindria found intriguing, and eventually revealed itself to be a familiar spirit. The interaction with this Feline Familiar would be the start of a very useful relationship. The cat began to teach Soleindria deeper secrets of magic, revealing things known to no mortal.

Eventually Soleindria's companion would end it's time with her, returning to whatever realm it came from. Never truly knowing the creatures identity or whereabouts, the demonic cat nonetheless provided her with useful information that would be invaluable in the future.

Agent of the Legion

As the whispers in her ear grew louder and her collection of dark tomes increased, a final directive was issued to her in her dreams. In this dream she saw a burning world, and a doorway; a doorway she would step out of. The dream showed herself constructing a portal, and a series of incantations needed to activate it. Upon waking, she set out to create this portal.

The framework of the portal was already complete. She had long assumed that one day she would need to leave Azeroth and had built the frame earlier. But the final key ingredients, she was lacking. The dream provided the knowledge of these components, and with much blood split, Soleindria finally opened the portal. Stepping through the infernal gateway, she had no idea what would await her on the other side. Still, she stepped through.


Crossing through the portal, Soleindria was greeted with a wasteland of blackened dirt and entropic fire. Watching her were three agents of the Legion; the dreadlord that had whispered to her, and two Eredar whom would guide her on the next steps of her journey.

On the homeworld of Argus, Soleindria would face her acceptance into the Burning Legion. While many demons though her unsuitable, after passing many tests she proved herself. Her first real test however, would be during the upcoming Third Invasion of Azeroth.

Third Invasion of Azeroth

Her ancestral homeworld would be Soleindria's first real test as a Legion agent. Soleindria was given command of the Legion ship, Burning Witch (a tongue-in-cheek reference by the Legion), and sent to Azeroth. The Burning Witch would take part in the attacks on Kharanos, Tarren Mill, and the Crossroads. At each invasion point, the defenders of Azeroth would push the Legion back.

For this failure, Soleindria was tortured by her demon masters, missing the Battle for the Broken Shore.

The demonic masters sought to give her a second chance however. Sent to Suramar, Soleindria would take on another apprentice, a Nightborne.

As Seen by Others

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